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Enspiral is a participatory community
of entrepreneurs and impact driven professionals connected around an inspiring quest “to help more people work on stuff that matters.”

Our initial challenge was to create the visual concept for Enspiral’s first book. But in fact, as the project evolved we became the core designer and creative director of the whole graphic project. Through open collaboration the impact grew beyond what we had expected.

Creative solution

The decentralized and collective spirit of Enspiral gave us the creative spark to follow. New Zealand is amazingly rich in wildlife, specially birds. Starlings are a species well known by its swarming behaviors.

They perform eye catching dances in the sky, auto coordinating their flights as if an invisible hand is conducting them. That was the first creative metaphor that we embraced.

Artwork by Mukund Yer
Another spark was to understand that each person has a point of view about what Enspiral is. So we decided to present the bird in a really intricated way. It’s built in a complex myriad of elements.

This way, you can find something new each time you have the book in your hands. We have also decided to go even further in this conceptual exploration. Each book essay is represented as a section/part of the whole bird drawing – and those bird parts are the opening pages of each essay, contributing to this eccentric visual narrative.

It takes a (global) village...

A collective effort to bring this project to life.

Grassroots movement

As an active network of 150+ contributors and friends from New Zealand and around the world, we participate together to support and amplify our individual purpose, and steward the collective to its highest potential impact.

Cross country initiative

The core team is distributed between Australia and New Zealand and the book is authored, by a team of 11 passionate writers. The visual concept and formatting was led by Fluency’s Creative Director Renato Inacio in São Paulo, Brazil and the illustrator Mukund Yer in Mumbai, India.
The preface was written by Douglas Rushkoff in New York, US. The book was printed in Berlin, Germany. This represents the very nature of Enspiral’s collaborative approach.


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